Welcome to the 2020 virtual edition of the Cohoes Artist Showcase. Listed below you will find the names of all the artists participating. You can go directly to your favorite artist's section by clicking on their name. Alternatively, at the bottom of the page there are navigation links that will let you proceed through the show - page by page. We hope you will find something uplifting in these extraordinary days. Please be aware that if you choose to support one of these artists, Choose Cohoes for Art has no responsibility for any part of the purchase process. All sales are the sole responsibility of the individual contributing artist. If you wish to help Choose Cohoes for Art with a contribution please reach out to us at Info@ChooseCohoesForArt.org and we will gratefully accept your donation.
Participating Artists
Brian Koschnick
Dave Koschnick
Penny Lee Deere
Michelle Vara
Darcy Leigh
Anna Guntner
James Prendergast
Pauline Daigneault
Steve King
Tracey McNerney
Dale Mancino
Bob Foss
April Kennedy
Fred Neudoerffer
Christian N. St. Pierre
Larry Rappoport
Brandon Tate
Ronda Anderson
Peter Watrous
Barb Lennox
Michael Lattanzio
Sean Sullivan
Kathy Klompas
Marion Reynolds
James Summa
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