Welcome to the Choose Cohoes for Art Blog.

Choose Cohoes for Art (CCfA) is just one of several organizations supporting the arts in Cohoes. We’re sure you know of the historic Cohoes Music Hall – owned by the city and professionally operated to host a wide variety of stage and screen performances. You might be aware of Spendwood – a long standing dance school. You may even have heard of The Foundry For Art Design + Culture or even Ragged Edge Print Making Studio. These are just a few of many creative artists living or working in Cohoes. There are other artists, musicians, and writers you may not have heard of but they add to the rich tapestry of  art and culture in Cohoes.

We at CCfA have our own activities which we hope helps to foster that art community and bring broader awareness to it. So in this blog, with a little help from our friends, we endeavor to provide timely post about art and art events in Cohoes. If you have anything that you like to see here, drop us an e-mail at Info@ChooseCohoesForArt.org

As our friends at Spiral Design said, “Cohoes is a small part of the fabric of the capital district. A part all too often dismissed or overlooked.  If the regional map is a jig saw puzzle – our goal is to describe the color of the piece that fits in where the Mohawk River joins the Hudson.”

While you’re here be sure to visit our web site at: http://choosecohoesforart.org/

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